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Page 72 of 72 14-Jan-20 Manor Farm Foods La Vrangue St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 2ET 01481 727590 Phone : Fax : 01481 727591 Email : Product list is correct as of and is subject to change. PRODUCT GUIDE Q: ICE-CREAM Dept: Z WALLS IMPULSE Sub-Dept: Code Description Brand Pack Size 107050 Calippo Combo 1x24x105ml Case Walls 101704 Calippo Orange 1x24x105ml Case Walls 101705 Calippo Shots 1x24x77ml Case Walls 106162 Cornetto ChocNball 1x20x160ml Case Walls 101708 Cornetto Classico V.F. 1x24x125mll Case Walls 101710 Cornetto Mint V.F. 1x24 x125 ml Case Walls 101711 Cornetto Strawberry V.F. 1x24x120ml Case Walls 105021 FREE Walls Calippo Orange 1x24x105ml Case Walls 105386 FREE Walls Cornetto Classic 1x Case Walls 105229 FREE Walls Magnum Classic 1x20x110ml Case Walls 101713 Feast Chocolate 1x35x90ml Case Walls 105903 HB Minions Bello 1x30x85ml Case Walls 101907 Haribo Push Up 1x30x85ml Case Walls 108421 Kinder Bueno Cone 1x30x90ml Case Walls 108318 Kinder Ice Cream Stick 1x33x36ml Case Walls 108493 Kinder Joy Ice Cream Egg 1x26x60ml Case Walls 101715 Magnum Almond 1x20x100ml Case Walls 107479 Magnum Choc Praline 1x20x90ml Case Walls 101716 Magnum Classic 1x20x110ml Case Walls 108317 Magnum Classic **NON DAIRY** VEGAN 1x20x90ml Case Walls 101717 Magnum Double Caramel 1x20x88ml Case Walls 105902 Magnum Double Raspberry 1x20x88ml Case Walls 104960 Magnum Honeycomb 1x20x100ml Case Walls 101719 Magnum Mint 1x20x100ml Case Walls 101721 Magnum White 1x20x110ml Case Walls 108405 Magnum White Chocolate & Cookie 1x20x90ml Case Walls 101723 Mini Milk Choc Straw Van 1x44x35ml Case Walls 101725 Solero Exotic Explosion 1x25x90ml Case Walls 108608 Swedish Glace Cone 1x24x105ml Case Walls 101726 Twister Pine Lemon Strawberry 1x35x80ml Case Walls 102034 Vanilla Tub Soft Scoop 1x6x1.8lt Case Walls 107018 Viennetta Vanilla 1x6x650ml Case Walls