The team at Manor Farm Foods.

The Team

ANDY BATISTE - Managing Director

A well known face around the Island, Andy ran a large town milk round prior to founding Manor Farm Foods in 2006. Although the running of the business takes up most of his time he can also be found pulling his lobster pots at Cobo in the evenings, or sneaking off to the gym when he has a free hour.

GRANT LE TISSIER - Managing Director and Buyer

Co-founder and co-owner of the company Grant previously served an apprenticeship in local kitchens before the lure of the sea led to a career as a skipper in the Guernsey fishing fleet. Outside of work Grant still enjoys boating. Fortunately our fish department doesn't rely on his catch!

RICHARD TORODE - Sales Director

Half his career rattling pots and pans in various kitchens, the other half providing chefs with ingredients for their own rattling. A keen foodie, when not selling produce Richard can be found growing, catching or cooking it.

GREG JOSEY - Sales and Marketing

Greg worked in some classic town eateries (from a forgotten era) before moving into food wholesale. He's always keen to strike a deal with his customers or offer a bespoke product to fit the bill. When not dealing with restaurants he's very happy eating and drinking in them.


Cooked in some swanky restaurants prior to entering a new career in food sales. Rob offers a wealth of knowledge across all food categories. Keen to offer any help he can to his customers on product choice and value. Rob is saving up to buy a comb.


Hailing from Italy, Andrea's European kitchen experience stands him in good stead for advising his customers on the best products. Whether selling Lavazza or drinking it . . . "he's happy".

Local and Here For You

At Manor Farm Foods we have a dedicated team of over 50 professionals. Every member is vital to the operation and focused on providing the best quality and service to the Guernsey hotel, restaurant and food industry possible.

12.00 midnight - The Customer Service Department's day is ending and the Operations Team are just arriving to prepare orders for the early dispatches.

2.00 a.m. - The Fresh Produce team are already receiving in goods and starting the day's order pick, shortly followed by the fish and butchery departments who are soon sharpening, boning and filleting.

4.30 a.m. - It's time for the drivers to start loading.

7.00 a.m. - The Customer Service Office and the Sales Team are all set in preparation of clients arriving to inspect produce and pick up orders.

8.00 a.m. - The office crew of Finance, Buyers, HR and Administration have their kettle bubbling, the Lavazza coffee machine up to steam and are checking the coffers, chasing suppliers and monitoring the shipping into Guernsey.

2.00 p.m. - by early afternoon the main thrust of deliveries are complete and the perpetual cycle of, buying, order capture and receiving of our supplies continues.

Manor Farm Foods are proud to be local and here for you.

Community Backing

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•  St Martins Football Club
•  Saffrey Rotary Round island walk - bacon and sausages
•  Thomas Vinning - Sand Racing
•  Misfits - Youth Softball Team
•  West Coast Sea Angling - Christmas Open
•  The Herm Darts Open
•  Guernsey Anglers - Specimen Hunt

Food Handling Training

At Manor Farm Foods we carry out annual Food Safety Training.
Our drivers and storemen are certificated to level 2 and managers to level 3.

Pop In and See Us

Whether it's discussing a requirement with the butchery department, eyeballing this morning's fresh fish delivery our dropping in a cake for the ladies in telesales, we're always pleased to see you.

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Our Supply Mission

Choice specialist goods.


We stock over 2000 lines, from dry aged beef fillet to a bag of frozen peas. If it's not already on our shelves, with a little notice, we can access a wide range of specialist goods and seasonal produce.

Products with a price to suit every outlet.


Be it malt vinegar or Moscatel vinegar we carry a range of products with a price to suit every outlet from Michelin to Mrs Miggins. We strive to offer the best value to all our customers.

Customer Service team.


Manor Farm Foods are open six days a week. The Customer Service team are on hand daily to take your orders and an experienced Sales Team to offer product advice and guidance.